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What To Expect At Your Cake Smash Session

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

So, your baby is almost one!!! How did that happen? The time has disappeared in a blink of an eye and your precious little bundle is quickly growing and changing and looking forward to their 1st birthday!

As a cake smash photographer in East Yorkshire near Hull at Bluebell and Lace Photography in North Ferriby I love planning and photographing 1st and 2nd birthday shoots.

They are the perfect way to celebrate this milestone and the memories we capture are treasured forever.

Our Sessions include a cake and decorations in your choice of colour and are made by my fabulous cake maker Nicola of Cake Topper Creator.

Our sessions are led by your baby, I have worked with babies and children for over 18 years as well as having 4 children of my own so I know every baby is different. If they need a little encouragement, I have some tried and tested tricks to help. If your baby is enjoying their smashing cake, I will let them carry on, if they are showing sign of having had enough, we will move on. I regularly sing songs in my cake smash session so I apologise in advance for my dreadful voice, at least it gets the babies smiling!

What To Expect At Your Baby’s Cake Smash Session

  1. I always start the session with some family photographs. The 1st birthday is such a big milestone so make sure you come dressed for the occasion!

  2. I will then take some photographs of the birthday boy or girl on they own so bring a special outfit for this part of the session.

  3. ·Whilst I get the cake ready you can change your little one into their cake smash outfit

  4. I get some beautiful images of your little one enjoying their cake.

  5. Now it’s time to clean up. I bring out my cake smash tub and bubbles for the splash part of the session and record this fun time with more photographs

  6. We dry your baby off in a cosy towel before you dress them ready for home.

  7. You get to take the rest of your cake home to have with a cup of tea and I will contact you to arrange your viewing session!

My Tips for a successful Cake Smash Session

  1. Let your baby taste cake in the weeks before their photography session so that they are used to the taste and texture, a little bit of muffin or cupcake will be great.

  2. ·Make sure that you ALWAYS discuss and special requirements like food allergies or skin allergies with your photographer on booking your session.

Don’t forget their drink! Bring a tippy cup of water for them to sip.

  1. Discuss your baby’s nap times with your photographer before booking and make sure they are well rested before your session.

  2. Bring their favourite snack! Sometimes if babies need a little encouragement, hiding their favourite snack behind the cake can work wonders!

  3. Encourage your baby to try messy play before your session. Get them used to the feel of soft icing by letting them explore food, baby safe paint, or playdough in the weeks before their session.

  4. Bring a change of clothes and towel for your baby to return home in

  5. Bring their favourite toy in case they need a little distraction. If your baby has a favourite song, let me know, I can help to get the smiles!

You can read more about my Cake Smash Session Here or get in touch at

You can learn more about my fabulous cake maker in another blog Here or her page Cake Topper Creator

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