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What is a Sitter Session?

Cake smash, sitter, jpeg, tog. The world of photography has its own language! A cake smash is fairly self explanatory if a little hard to believe if you've never heard of it before. But what is a Sitter session? Well, contrary to popular belief, it is not a baby sitting session your photographer provides!

I love my clients and their beautiful little children but with 4 of my own children I don't have much time to provide childminding services!

Family photograph of 4 siblings by baby and newborn photographer for York and Beverley.jpg

So what is it then?

Simply put a "Sitter Session" is a portrait photography session which takes place around 6+ months when your little one can sit unaided but hopefully before they can walk! Celebrating this milestone is such a fun and lovely thing to do and in my sitter sessions, I always like to include parents and siblings meaning it's a great time to update your family photographs too!

Family with baby girl by baby and newborn photographer for York and Beverley

So what happens if your baby is not able or ready to sit unaided? Don't panic! It's really just a fancy name and helps parents who book my "My first year collection" know when to get their session booked. Every baby is different, perfect in their uniqueness. They reach their own milestones at their own pace and if your little one is not sitting unaided, or not at all, we can still get beautiful photographs of them. I have plenty of beautiful props which can support wobbly sitters or provide a comfy, cosy place to lay while also complementing the style of the session.

Baby girl wearing flower headband  by baby and newborn photographer for York and Beverley

Sitter sessions are different to newborn sessions. They are less posed, at least in terms of your baby, I still style your session beautifully using the perfect props and outfits. Newborn sessions are all about sleepy perfect posing, not even a finger out of place. Baby and sitter sessions are more relaxed and focus on your baby's happy smiles, squidgy cheeks and wide open eyes. Something which are often elusive during the early newborn days. I work far quicker during a sitter session than I would in a newborn. Babies have short attention spans so I like to secure happy images swiftly before changing props and outfits so you have a varied stunning gallery of photographs.

Baby boy in blue bowl by by baby and newborn photographer for York and Beverley

I've worked with babies and young children from 20 years as well as having 4 of my own children so believe me when I say I know more nursery rhymes and songs than I can count. I don't mind acting a bit silly to get those beautiful smiles. You may not appreciate my warbling but let me know your baby's favourite song and I'll happily sing along to help them feel relaxed and smiley.

Baby boy looking at camera by baby and newborn photographer for York and Beverley

So how do you book one of our fantastic sessions? Just follow this link and fill in our contact form. We'll happily get in touch with you and discuss when would be the best time for your session.

Of course if your little one hasn't arrived yet, you may want to book our "My first year collection" which incorporates the Full Newborn, Sitter and Cake Smash sessions for one special offer price.

Well, while I don't think I have covered all of the mysteries of the wonderful world of photography, I hope this helped!


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