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Older siblings in newborn sessions.

MULTI-AWARD WINNING Newborn Photographer covering, Beverley, Kirkella, Howden, Pocklington Goole, Scunthorpe, York, Scarbrough, Withernsea, Hornsea, Barton and surrounding villages.

As a mum of 4 myself I know just how important it is to involve your other children in life with your newborn. Your new little bundle of joy is their brother or sister and becoming an older sibling is a major milestone in their lives! For this reason I always offer sibling and family images alongside parent shots during my Full Newborn and baby photoshoots.

My newborn sessions are completely baby led meaning we can never predict how long it will take. For this reason I never book another client the same day as your session. There is no pressure. If your little one needs extra feed or cuddles, that is what they get. This does mean that while my clients love the experience of watching me pose their baby, older siblings can get understandably bored. Consequently I always ask my clients to arrange alternative care for their older child for the newborn part of the photoshoot so they can attend the latter part of the session for their photographs and be fresh and happy, we don't want and sad and fed up faces! My clients also love this as they can relax, have a coffee and enjoy the experience, knowing that their children are all happy.

As Saturdays are often popular with cake smash and photography sessions, I always save my weekday slots for my newborn clients. I know that many of my clients have school age children too, who they want to incorporate into the shoot so in these cases I split the session. The newborn section takes place in the week while the older children are at school, you can then return for an after school or weekend, shorter session so I can capture those precious family and sibling images.

My studio in North Ferriby is comfortable and packed with dress choices for little and older girls as well as a massive range of outfits for babies. For boys and parents, I will always support my clients in choosing outfits which compliment your colour choice for your newborn session. I have written a blog here to help and I also offer a pre session consultation video call as part of my service. I want you to love your photographs and be thrilled with the final result.

Safety of your newborn is priority. While you may be comfortable with your preschool or school aged child holding their new baby whilst sat safely on the sofa supported by cushions, a photography session is a little different. Little arms tire easily and babies need supporting in lots of places. Children often don't give much warning that they have had enough and therefore, I often use props to safely pose your newborn and older child together. I can set the shot up with your baby in a prop and you sitting close by for safety and then encourage your older child to get in place, knowing that baby will be safe even if they are a little over excited.

I have worked with children all my life. I know how to make them laugh and relax. I also know that some children can be shy in front of strangers, especially since lockdown. My own daughter has struggled in similar situations. While I can never guarantee to get those smiles, our little ones work on their own agenda, I don't mind being a bit silly and have a whole host of ways to get you beautiful photographs.

I hope that helps give you an idea about how my newborn sessions work with older siblings! Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

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