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How to choose your newborn photographer!

Updated: May 10, 2022

Specialist Newborn Photography, North Ferriby, Hull, East Yorkshire

Pregnancy is such an exciting time! Every little kick and wriggle from your little one is reassuring and a beautiful memory! You can’t wait to meet them in person, your making lists of names and things you mustn’t forget to pack in your hospital bag! Incidentally you can grab my free list of everything you need to pack here

Baby girl on laid on latte backdrop with felted heart and bonnet by Newborn Photographer Pocklington

Alongside these exciting times there is so much to prepare! It’s a whole new world of cots, car seats and feeding choices and you have to make sure you have everything prepared!

You will also want to book your Specialist Newborn Photographer, so that every detail of your tiny baby in those first few weeks is captured in print. Our babies grow so quickly and it is often hard to recall how small they were and just how long those tiny eyelashes really were! Having stunning photographs of your precious newborn and your new family hung in your home is a desire most new parents have.

Baby girl on laid on latte backdrop and wrap by Newborn Photographer Pocklington

So how do you find a professional who can capture these fleeting moments?

When choosing a photographer for a portrait session, clients often look at 3 things: Style, Recommendation and Cost. All very important considerations. If you are going to display your images on your wall you have to love them! You have to trust that the photographer you choose can deliver what their shiny sparkling website promises and you have to know what you are going to invest. While I truly believe that capturing memories of our families is essential, a professional photography session is a luxury service.

When choosing a newborn photographer there is one incredibly important consideration many parents overlook, one that is so vital it is more important than any other. That is SAFETY!

In the United Kingdom newborn photography is unregulated. Anyone can buy a camera and set themselves up a Facebook page and advertise newborn photoshoots. Unfortunately, this results in many untrained and uninsured and frankly dangerous photographers, many of whom do not understand how many of the classic newborn poses they have seen on their social media feeds are achieved.

I regularly invest heavily in training with expert newborn photographers from around the country to ensure that I am always up to speed on the safest way to pose your baby as well and ensuring my art is constantly developing. You cannot simply " have a go" at newborn photography. it is a highly skilled job hence why you should choose a specialist. It does help that I have had 4 of my own newborns was trained as a nursery nurse in my past career and have worked with babies and young children for 20 years. I want your images to be stunningly beautiful, but never at the expense of a baby's safety so I use little tricks and techniques to achieve this.

Newborn baby boy holding felted heart by newborn photographer Pocklington

Many of the newborn photographs you may have seen are actually two images cleverly combined in photoshop to create the final stunning image. Others are posed at a completely different angle to how the final image shows. No baby should or could be expected to support their own head on their hands and this could do serious damage to the soft delicate bones on their wrists and arms. The pose below must always be supported and takes training and experience to achieve.

These two images are combined to make......

This gorgeous pose!

I have had requests from parents for images of their baby hanging in fabric in a beautiful almost womb like pose. They are always surprise and relieved when I tell them that their baby will not in fact be hanging anywhere but be fully supported laying on my posing bed!

As a trained, specialist, Newborn photographer in North Ferriby East Yorkshire, I always ask my clients a list of questions about their baby’s birth. I not being nosy, I promise! I’m checking for anything that may affect how I pose your baby, or may affect you while in the studio. Birth is an epic thing to experience and you and your baby deserve the best care and support.

If your baby is breech, (even if they turn before birth) or have birth injuries this all affects how I would pose them. We would still get beautiful newborn photographs, but in a way that wouldn’t cause any discomfort to sensitive little joints.

Baby boy on laid on latte backdrop wearing teddy bear romper by  Newborn Photographer Pocklington

Baby girl on laid in wooden bowl with latte coloured wrap and stuffer by  Newborn Photographer Pocklington

Your baby deserves the best and that means that they deserve a trained, insured, experienced specialist newborn photographer.

As well as being a trained specialist newborn photographer North Ferriby East Yorkshire, I am also a fully qualified nursery nurse, my life has always been dedicated to babies and children and also have 4 children of my own! Being around children so much I always make sure I keep my First Aid training up to date. My training and experience as a newborn specialist mean that I am always assessing your baby’s temperature, circulation and skin tone to be sure that they are comfortable and safe in my studio.

Sessions here at Bluebell and Lace Photography are completely baby led. I can send prep guides to help you prepare and to help your little one sleep when we want them too but if they feel differently on the day then they are the boss. I am flexible with my posing and never panic if my tiny clients need extra feeds or mummy cuddles. Although I find because I am calm and relaxed this passes on to the baby and together with my practiced techniques babies generally settle easily.

So, ask for recommendations from people whose opinions your trust, ask questions and do you research because a you deserve to have beautiful images and your baby deserves the best!

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