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What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag!

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Specialist Newborn Photography, North Ferriby, Hull, East Yorkshire

You are about to become a mum!!! Congratulations! It's such an exciting and busy time, the last thing you want to be worrying about is what you need to pack.

As a mum of 4 and a Newborn Photographer in North Ferriby, Hull, East Yorkshire, I know my babies! But, for some reason, whenever the suitcases come out, my brain goes blank. I know that feeling well. That unbelievable pressure of needing to pack what you REALLY need, sends all rational thought running for the hills! Right?

Well do not worry anymore, because here is my tried and tested hospital bag list that I used with ALL 4 of my births including my 2 planned home births. With added must have items from my lovely clients here at

Even if you are having a homebirth, it is always a good idea to pack the things you need, just in case plans change last minute and it’s always handy to have everything in one place so your birth partner and the midwives can find things too!

I made sure my bag was packed by around 34 weeks but you should always make sure it’s ready and waiting at the door by 37 weeks as babies arrive on their own schedule!

So here goes….

Everything you need for your hospital bag!

For You:

Hospital notes - put them in a side pocket or on the top so they are easily accessed.

Camera and spare batteries – make sure your birth partner can work it!

Mobile phone and charger.

Nighty – short sleeved and big enough to move around in and not your favourite as it will get messy!

Hair bobbles

Hair brush

Lip balm as gas and air can may your lips dry.

Cooling spray, I loved Magicool but anything that cools you down will be amazing later on.

A straw or 2 – its not easy to drink out of a cup laid flat and you do not know if you may be on a monitor.

Bottled drinks and cereal bars. Cash for the drinks machine can be good too, but I never wanted my husband to leave me when I was in labour.

An old dark coloured towel.

If you have PGP or SPD a red coloured pillow case is handy to let midwives know of your condition immediately.

Light weight dressing gown, I tried to get a dark coloured one to hide any marks just in case.

Lightweight slippers or flipflops. Flipflops are also handy in the shower.

Pyjamas – easier than a nighty for breast feeding

Comfy bras, if you are planning on breastfeeding invest in some feeding bras, they are a godsend!

Breast pads -

Maternity pads the thicker the better! – for the first week or so wear 2 at once, its comfier on those sore bits and helps with leaks!

Disposable knickers, get a bigger size than you are usually, don’t panic about how big you feel, if they are tight, they will be uncomfortable.

Comfy joggers/ yoga pants

Nursing top or t-shirt

Bracelet to remind you which breast to feed on next.

Shampoo /conditioner I found I liked to have my normal one as it reminded me of home.

Shower gel

Make up

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Face wipes.



Moisturisers and hand cream

Lansinoh nipple cream, the best one I found!

Bin bag for birth partner to take dirty clothes home.

Glasses/contact lenses.

Magazine or book, in case you stay in

Hand gel

Notepad and pen

For Baby

Sleepsuits with scratch mitts Newborn /0-3 size

Vests Newborn /0-3 size

Hat as many babies cannot regulate their temperature

Nappies size 1


Nappy bags


Muslin cloths

Metanium nappy cream, the best I’ve found!

Baby towel

Bottles and formula if that’s your plan

Dummies if you’re using them

Going home outfit

Also keep anything your birth partner may need to bring, to hand at home. Car seat, blanket for the car etc

Well that's it , you are all packed. All that you have to do is to bring another human being into the world, sounds hard, but you are going to rock it!!! Soon you will have your gorgeous little baby in your arms, then the fun part really starts!

Good Luck!



This list is my own from my own experiences and some items may not be allowed in your hospital. I may have missed something you need so double check. I am not being paid to promote any of the products mentioned and you need to check that these items are suitable for you and your family and that you have considered any allergies that you may have before using them.

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