What happens if my baby cries for their Newborn Photographs

Updated: Oct 6

Specialist Newborn Photography, North Ferriby, Hull, East Yorkshire

Hands up if you have seen stunning images on your friend’s Facebook or Instagram feeds of perfectly beautiful little cherubs sleeping blissfully in their newborn photoshoot and thought….

“….There’s absolutely no way in the world that our little baby could do that!!! They have colic/a tongue tie/don’t like to be put down/ reflux/ (insert you little darling’s foible here – because they all have one!). There’s no point having newborn photos done, she just wouldn’t settle”

And it’s true! When you look at the beautiful images your friends proudly display on their walls and share on their social media, they look like butter wouldn’t melt!

I’m here to tell you that that while that is absolutely true, it’s not the full story. I’ve never met a baby yet who doesn’t cry, it’s their way of talking! They all have times when they are crying a little in a session but that doesn’t mean they will cry the whole time, in fact I’ve never met one yet who has.

Often the parent’s who worry more about their baby not settling, have the easier sessions because they read and follow my preparation guide to the letter. It’s not a guarantee of an easy session but it certainly helps.

Sat on the floor of my newborn photography studio in North Ferriby, near Hull with the rain lashing over the Humber, on a soggy East Yorkshire day. Settling a gorgeous little baby boy with dreadful reflux, I asked his parents what made them book me. If there was information missing from my website that would have made booking easier. Dad answered:

“This! What you are doing now! For me it was reassurance about what would happen if he cried, would you keep going? Call it a day.... Waste our money? Would we just get photographs of our baby screaming?”

As I sat surrounded by props, basket, bowls and knitted layers, gently rocking my tiny client, I realised that I had never written it.

I just assumed my client would know how passionate about my photography….. your photographs. That I will take that time to settle them. I would never photograph a screaming baby, what would be the point? Cuddles work so much better and I have a whole host of tricks up my sleeve to help settle babies for their photos during their newborn shoot.

I am not delusional. The chance that a parent will arrive with their baby asleep and they stay that way ….….Well you’d get better odds playing the lottery, that’s why I allow between 2 -4 hours for a newborn session, so we are not rushed.

So here’s my promise to all my clients:

I will send out a session Preparation guide to help you prepare your little one so we get the best chance at a great session.

I will use every one of my skills, build up from years of experience working with babies and from having had 4 newborns of my own to settle your little one.

I’ll even reschedule you another session if on the very rare occasion I cannot settle your baby and I think that I won’t get the shots I need for a full gallery.

I will do my absolute best to hand over a stunning newborn gallery that you fall in love with.

And if I don’t…. You can have your money back.

Because I care that much about my clients, their images and my reputation that I will always find a solution.

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