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Frequently Asked Questions About Newborn Photography Sessions

Hi I'm Leonie specialist newborn photographer at Bluebell and Lace Photography.

I am also mum to 4 amazing children and one crazy Golden Labrador!

I understand that you will be incredibly excited for your newborn photography session but may also be concerned about how your baby will settle on the day. It's completely normal to feel this way and there is no need to panic, your session will work at your baby's speed but here are a few frequently asked questions which my clients often have!

Photo of newborn photographer

What if my baby doesn't settle during my newborn photography session?

I get asked this all the all the time and want to reassure you that while it is normal to be concerned, you don't need to worry.

Clients worry that their baby will not settle naked. Babies hate being cold, when you change their nappy, your room is a suitable temperature for your baby fully clothed, stripping them off, its not surprising they don’t enjoy it.

I keep my studio WARM! Warm enough for your tiny baby to be content to sleep on my comfy posing bed while I photograph them. I use WHITE NOISE. It works! It will help sooth your little one to sleep. I ALWAYS ask that parents feed their baby when they arrive at the studio, I want to use that "milk drunk" time straight after their feed to help them get used to me posing and moving them. Sometimes it takes a while for babies to settle. There is always a reason for this, it's just about figuring out what is wrong, invariably in the studio, it's wind as we have already covered heat, food and as they are naked, I can see if they have pooed, I burp them and move on.

If, on the rare occasion, after all this, when I have used all of my knowledge, tricks and tips learned from not only posing hundreds of babies but also being a mum of 4, baby is just not feeling it. I WILL RESCHEDULE! It's rare that I need to do this but I will never leave you without photographs, I would ask you to pop back in a few days, or next week when whatever is causing your baby to be unhappy has stopped and we will get those beautiful images for you!


Image of studio for Newborn Photography Sessions

How long will my session be?

Newborn session usually take between 3-4 hours but this is a rough guide. Some babies will arrive sleeping and let me work my magic without waking meaning their session is quicker, some will take a little longer. Just know that I don't book more than one newborn session in a day so there is no pressure!

What if my baby poos during my newborn photography session?

DON'T PANIC! This happens almost every session, you do not need to worry or feel bad. Baby poo, wee and sick, it's part of my job. Everything that touches your baby gets washed after every session anyway.

Do I have to bring outfits for baby?

No! Baby's everyday clothes are not suitable for a photography session as they do have a tendency to swamp their little bodies I have everything we need at the studio for my newborn sessions and have lots of props in a rainbow of colours for you to choose from.

image of backdrops for Newborn Photography Sessions

Can we have parent and family shots during my newborn photography session?

Definitely! These images are not just for you, although I hope you love them and gift copies to your family too. But truly, I persuade and cajole all parents into few shots with their babies because one day they will sit with their children or grandchildren and share their joy and pride of their lovely mum and dad and excite in how they have the same smile or the new baby of their family looks just like them!






Can my pet be involved during my newborn photography session?

Definitely! Pet are always welcome! Just let me know when you book and we can look at the best time and way to incorporate them,



Photo of labrador with newborn baby in newborn photography session


When do we choose our photo package and wall art?

Around 3 weeks after your session your images will be delivered to you via transfer link. If you would like to discuss wall art, we would be happy to book you an ordering session where we can design your wall art together so have a think about where you want to display your beautiful photographs!


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