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Baby Spots and flakes and how I solve it!

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Specialist Newborn Photography, North Ferriby, Hull, East Yorkshire

I've heard it a hundred times, a mum contacts me at my Specialist Newborn Photography studio, North Ferriby, Hull, East Yorkshire, desperate for newborn photos she can treasure of her tiny, perfect little baby

There's one thing putting her off booking... Her baby's skin.

Newborn babies bodies have a lot to deal with in a short space of time. One minute they are happily soaking away in the perfect little bath of amniotic fluid and the next their brand new skin is dealing with air, clothes, chemicals and so many other new things. It's not surprising that their skin breaks out in rashes and spots. Some babies are fine. Their skin copes and they never get a spot or flake! I call these unicorn babies. I've yet to meet one so if you see one on your travels, send them to me, my editing will be a doddle!!!

Specialist Newborn Photography, North Ferriby, Hull, East Yorkshire 3

For the rest of our precious little bundles, baby acne, rashes, flakey skin and milk spots are the norm. Have no fear there is a solution. I can still capture your baby as a very tiny person while presenting you with images minus the flakes, spots and rashes. It's what I do!

Some of these things are very sweet. Personally I love milk spots, they represent a fleeting time which disappears as quickly as they do and unless requested, I only ever edit the larger ones which may draw your eye.

Baby acne, redness, jaundice, spots and flakes I always edit and unless your baby is uncomfortable, or there is barely any clear skin I will always go ahead rather than wait. Parent's are shocked at their viewing session when they remember how yellow their little one was or just how affected their skin was and how somehow, it's now perfect.

Specialist Newborn Photography, North Ferriby, Hull, East Yorkshire 1

Specialist Newborn Photography, North Ferriby, Hull, East Yorkshire 2

Some people throw the word Photoshop around as if the fabulous software we photographers use will edit the photo itself. As if we upload the images, put the kettle on and put Netflix with our feet up until ping! The image is ready.

I wish it was that easy! I'm a fairly modest person but you need to know this. As a Specialist Newborn Photography, North Ferriby, Hull, East Yorkshire I am skilled and experienced in editing babies skin. I've spend years honing my editing skills and always like a challenge so have developed to a standard where I can deal with these issues. I have never liked over edited images where skin looks too smooth and like plastic. I want the photographs I produce to look like there was never a skin issue in the beginning. Like I haven't had to spend hours editing. Just your perfect baby minus the things which will be gone in a matter of weeks anyway.

So relax, safe in the knowledge that the jaundice, flakes and spots won't be in your final images. You can enjoy watching me posing your baby and start planning where you are going to display your beautiful photographs!

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